Riffs 1999
Prince David and Sir Jason
A Venerable Prince Takes A Cab
Lord Buckley Alive
Whack At The Classics
Lord Buckley Powers Ahead
Knockin' That S.O.S.'n Bell
The Lord Returns To Tuolumne
The Lord Jumps The Pond
Prince Henzel Flips The Bugbird
The Candidate And The Eisenberg
Lord Buckley In Grass Valley
His Lordship Makes The Bad Girrls


Published May 1999
The Lord Returns To Tuolumne

The humor of Tuolumne, California native Lord Buckley, as performed by local resident David Allen Simerley, will be featured at Hampton House Florist during this year's Lumber Jubilee in Tuolumne. Shows will run at various times throughout the day, June 25-28.

A flower, gift and espresso shop, Hampton House is located on the corner of Pine and Chestnut in Tuolumne's old downtown, the very spot where Buckley got his start in show business.His Lordship was born Richard Myrle Buckley in 1906, as a child he sang on the streets for spare change with his sister Nell. Later he worked as a logger before striking out for the Texas oilfields in the mid-1920's. While in Texas this strapping young stud was bitten by the bug of show business, and thankful for all of us, he never recovered.

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