Mad and wickedly funny New York puppeteer (now living on the West Coast), star of Beakman's World science show. Zaloom admires Lord Buckley's theatrical prowess and employs a number of His Lordship's presentational devices in his wild and unpredictable, politically charged puppet shows. He is not to be missed.


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ZALUD, DICK (Prince Owlhead)
[1927 - 2013]

A halcyon day member of the Royal Court, drummer and record producer. Lord Buckley introduced Prince Owlhead to his future wife Millie Vernon (Lady Renaissance) in Los Angeles. They were married 43 years. David Buckley Zalud, their son, was named in His Lordship's honor. They now reside in New York City.

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Prince Owlhead Obit

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[1940 - 1992]

American composer and musican, Zappa edited the tapes that were to become the a most immaculately hip aristocrat release. The Train on his 1970 compilation recording Zapped and Governor Slugwell on the 1991 release Bizarre/Straight Sampler

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Co-founder of the Lord Buckley Memorial Celebration held in Southern California. So far there have been seven joyous gatherings of the Buckley faithful. Zingeser is also one half of the legendary Ineffable Brothers.


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