WELLES, DR. MEL (King Farouk)
[1924 - 2005]

This was a cat with so much wiggage! Dr. Welles, swung with many a book: psychologist, actor, producer, director, writer and teacher. Featured performer in over 60 films and 300 hundred televison shows, he was also renowed for his voiceover work, having midwifed countless foreign films through the painful delivery to the American market. All hail to Prince Welles as he co-authored a number of His Lordship's routines.


A deep voiced biblical leviathan of gigantic proportions, a creature not particularly fond of smokers. Jonah, emboldened by his intake of an herb the Great Lord hipped him to, was fond of calling The Whale simply: Fish, as in "What is it, Fish?" Get hip to this motherfluker in His Lordship's offering, Jonah and The Whale.


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Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr. is a 45 year old artist and writer from Hagerstown, MD. Fred has turned his attention recently to writing and compiling information on his favorite subjects: early movies, '20s jazz music, blues, rock, comedy and the history of the phonograph and recording process. This love of music and their formats, has manifested itself in his art and writing. Wiebel is the editor and publisher of FIREZINE a fanzine dedicated to The Firesign Theatre. The interviews below are excerpts from extensive interviews Fred is conducting with members of the Firesign Theatre.


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J. R. Williams is a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and graphic artist. His work has appeared in R. Crumb's Weirdo magazine, Heavy Metal and David Greenbergers Duplex Planet Illustrated to name just a few. William's interest in His Lordship's hip flip comes to him by way of his exploration of the recorded works of a variety of genuis madmen who somehow made their way to vinyl. Williams is the creator of a gassed out set of collector cards that features Lord Buckley. Titled Dig-Utter(ed) Madness On Record, the card set is populated by such hip and swung out cats as Brother Theodore, Charles Bukowski and Copernicus. click below for more information on obtaining the set.


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[1925 - 2013]

Wacky and inventive comedian, who first met Buckley in Las Vegas. Buckley annoited him with the honorific Prince Jon. Please listen in as Doug Cruickshank Interviews Jonathan Winters at this website.

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