The Hip Patrillo, the head of Indian musician in His Lordships reverent opus The Hip Gan


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Randolph, Ed (Prince Eaglehead)
[1922 - 2004]

A member of the original Royal Court, Prince Eaglehead first met His Lordship in New York City in 1946 through his association with Buckley's manager George Greif. Many adventures followed, including the good Prince witnessing a number of historic recording sessions (he supervised and wrote liner notes for the legendary Parabolic Revelations sessions. He has, amongst many other talents, an expertese in carny slang. In his last years Prince Eaglehead could be found in the Sandwich Islands, smoking the curls off the shores of Honolulu.


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[1440 - 1483]

Earl Rivers, aka Anthony Woodville and Lord Scales, has had a long interest in the use of innovative technology for the dissemination of literature and ideas. Sir Thomas More called him "an honourable man, as valiant of hand as politic in council." His last moments are movingly dramatised in Richard III, Act III, sc. iii. He was a patron of Caxton and sponsored his printing press, the first in England. On this press was printed his translation of the wisest sayings of the greatest philosophers of the ages, the first published book by an English author. The works of Lord Buckley are a fitting addition to this oevre.


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[1917 - 2007]

Outstanding shotstop for the NY Yankees for 13 seasons (helping propel the Yankees to a 7 victories out of 8 journeys to the World Series). Hall of Famer Rizzuto went on to a career as one of the best loved announcers in all of baseball. Author Tom Dalzall called Rizzuto "one of the great voices of the 20th Century." In 1949 Rizzuto, along with Brookln Dodger Gene Hermanski, was a stooge for Lord Buckley's Chairs routine on Ed Sullivan's first television show "Talk of the Town."

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