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L I N K S:

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JANIGER, DR. OSCAR (The Great Oz Head and The Head Head)
[1918 - 2001]

Psychiatrist, pioneer LSD researcher, administered LSD to many famous people in Hollywood, including Lord Buckley. His Lordship dubbed Janiger "The Great Oz Head" and, in his LSD journal written about the effects of Dr. Janiger's experiment, referred to the good doctor as the "Head Head." The Great Oz swung out of the big race on August 17, 2001.


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a famous biblical hitch hiker with a penchant for smoking God's Green Leaf in rather unique marine environments. Lord Buckley lights up in this scene, check out his opus, Jonah and The Whale.


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the tragic hero of Cleveland's Joseph R. Newman's poetic exploration of race and religion. Hezikiah, a poor dirt farmer, "as black as the soil he was hoeing", gently rebuffs the inquistor style questions of the red faced white preacher Reverend Green, and for his troubles he ends up swingin' "as high as a pigeon."


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a friend of The Nazz, not schooled in the arts of foot travel on the high seas. Dip into Jude's riff in The Nazz.


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