GANDHI, MAHATMA (aka The Hip Gahn)
[1869 - 1948]

Indian political leader, credited with leading the people of India in their successful bid for freedom from British rule in 1947. He was fond of wearing simple clothing and spinning thread on a spinning wheel. He is given a most entertaining spin in the Buckley piece The Hip Gan.


a Mahatma Gandhi website

Lord Buckley's The Hip Gahn at LBC

GIBSON, HARRY "The Hipster"
[1915 - 1991]

Wild spirited pianist and hip entertainer that introduced the world to a number of briliant novelty songs such as "Who the Benzadrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?" and "Get Your Juices At The Dueces". Harry claims that he invented the term "hipster" sometime between 1939 and 1945. He was deeply familiar with the millieu having grown up on the edge of Harlem and spoke an authentic jive. He was also a close friend of Lord Buckley's. There are tales of Buckley and Gibson cutting up more than a few jackpots down in Florida. A film about Harry called "Boogie In Blue" was made shortly before he self swooped the sphere in 1991.


The hippest denizen of a lump of rock known as the Hungry I Land. Go Man Van Gogh was perhaps the most memorial character of the Bob Clampett cartoon series "Beany and Cecil". This bongo playing, tree swinging, jaguar driving character was voiced by Lord Buckley in 1960 in an episode titled "The Wildman of Wildesville." Of incidental interest was the use of Scatman Crothers to announce the title at the top of the episode. This episode is included in a DVD titled "Bob Clampett's: Beanie & Cecil - The Special Edition"


A character from the 1952 film "We're Not Married". Lord Buckley, as a dour radio producer, and uncredited in the film, plays second fiddle to Fred Allen and Ginger Rogers in a scene that he later recalled as "a very long, interesting stinker." The film is probably most notable for the appearance of Marilyn Monroe in one of her earliest Hollywood movies.


The white man's preacher. Also the antagonist of Cleveland's Joseph S. Newman's racially charged poem "Black Cross". Reverend Green, "of the white man's church", makes a visit to poor black farmer Hezikiah Jones, the results are all too predictable to those familiar with bigotry American style.


read Lord Buckley's version of Black Cross at LBC


GRIEF, GEORGE (Royal Court name: Disraeli)
[1923 - 2007]

Influential personage in the music business. He began his career by managing Lord Buckley. In the mid 1970s he attended a dinner party in France for former Beatle George Harrison. He and Harrison stayed up all night talking about Buckley. Greif provided Harrison with the phrase Crackerbox Palace, which eventually found it's way into the Harrison song of the same name.


Bandleader and producer. Griffen played on some Buckley records and also produced and engineered a most immaculately hip aristocrat. Is he the Lyle Wyle D'Wild that Buckley mentions in The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis De Sade? He also produced "The Flight of the Saucer" single.


Lord Buckley's The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis de Sade at LBC

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GRIFFITH, CHARLES B. (Prince Charles)
[1930 - 2007]

Screenwriter. Prince Charles went way on out to longitude 774 and wrote it down and it was called Little Shop of Horrors. He also made the celluloid scene with Death Race 2000 and "Attack of the Giant Crab Monsters." He knew His Lordship during the swingin' '50s. Charles remembers Buckley as a kind hearted genuis who cared greatly for the plight of black Americans and as somebody who would bring over a crate of cabbages as a gift.


Journalist and radio host. The Good Prince Klas is one of those Aurora Borealis cats that swings up north in the Icey Dicey, Stockholm, Sweden to put a hip point on it. On December 28, 1999 at at 6:10 PM he hosted a show on Swedish radio (Sveriges Radio P1) called Klas Gustafson återupptäcker monologernas mästare Lord Buckley Dig that crazy jazz. And double ply gassed, it repeated on December 29th!!! In addition, Klas has written a find article on His Lordship in Swedish title Lorden som bildade skola för många artister (in English: The Lord Who Became a Performer's Performer). You can dig this article at this website (in Swedish and English) in the "Printheads" Section at LBO.


read Lorden som bildade skola för många artister at LBC

read The Lord Who Became a Performer's Performer at LBC

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