[1915 - 1986]

Brother of heavy weight champion Max Baer. Buddy appeared with Lord Buckley on the Ed Sullivan Show, playing one of the stooges in Buckley's Amos and Andy routine. His Lordship, at six foot two, was dwarfed by the height and mass this brother of a champion. In addition to Buckley's usual routine, he performed a charming and "hair raising" schtick with Baer in which they exchanged hats with an ever increasing frequency(see image to the left.) Baer is also the uncle of Max Baer, Jr. (Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies)

[1920 - 2007]

Mother of Fred Buckley. Lady Banks dug the scene south of the border in Baja, California. Her circle of buddy cats included Prince Charles B. Griffith (writer of Little Shop of Horrors and Attack of the Giant Crab Monsters.) A poet to the core her life took any number of twists and turns and she made the most of it.

[1935 - 2005]

Candy Barr, exotic dancer, poet and buddy cat of Lord Buckley. She was born Juanita Dale Slusher on July 6, 1935 in Edna, Texas. At 16 she appeared in the 1951 erotic film Smart Aleck. Rumor has it that she was forced to perform at gunpoint. She fondly remembered her mad, whirlwind two week soiree with His Lordship in Dallas in the Fifties. The experience was a passionate, heartfelt education in the beautiful poetry of life. She held him in great regard as a teacher and mentor. Kindred spirits, on fire with life. "Ride the rhyme, that's what Lord Buckley taught me." Ride on Nita.


Click to read 2006 Riffs section Obit by Roger Mexico
Click here to read a lengthy bio of Candy Barr


A furry drinking pal of the narrator of His Lordship's vaudevillian offering God's Own Drunk. The bear is rather large "I love every hair on your twenty-seven acre body!" and is of dubious character.LINKS:


Read God's Own Drunk at LBC


BENSON, REX (aka The Fox)
[1925 - 2011]

Actor and playwright and one time manager of Lord Buckley. Benson worked with Buckley during the last hurrah of The Cosmic Tour, helping His Lordship in securing a gig in New York at The Jazz Gallery. Benson also worked with Johnny Carson as one of the Mighty Carson Art Players.


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[1938 - 2012]

Actor and Buckley performer. A veteran of The Living Theatre. Steven's version of The Nazz at the 90th Buckley Birthday Bash on April 12, 1996 came perilously close to accusations of wizardry.

L I N K S:

Steven Ben Israel performing The Nazz at LBO

[1927 - 1988]

Record producer and owner of World Pacific Records. World Pacific recorded the likes of Ravi Shankar, Les McCann and Lord Buckley. Bock was also responsible for hiring a very young Nik Venet to help get His Lordship into the studios after his late night gigs to get some things down on tape.


[1911 - 2004]

The indomitable Gypsy Boots was the original vegetable prophet. He dedicated his life to hipping the masses to the life giving qualites of fruits, nuts and vegetables. He appeared on the Tonight Show numberous times and looked 20 years younger than he really was. Lord Buckley and Gypsy Boots knew each other in the '50s in Los Angeles.

BOOTS, TUBBY (Princess Lilly)
[birth and death dates unknown]

Expansive entertainer, comedian, sideshow star, recording artist, and Miami nightclub owner, A twelve year old Tubby Boots saw Lord Buckley perform and immediately decided his life's work was show business. Later when Tubby and His Lordship became friends, Tubby, very large (350 lbs plus) and very out, would don his french maid outfit to answer the door and dust the royal furniture at the Whitely Terrace castle in the Hollywood Hills. His Lordship dubbed him Princess Lily.


Tubby Boots on YouTube Part 1
Tubby Boots on YouTube Part 2
Tubby Boots on YouTube Part 3
Tubby Boots on YouTube Part 4

[1882 - 1970]

a top flight German physicist cat mentioned in Lord Buckley story of Albert Einstein The Hip Einie.


Read The Hip Einie at LBC

BOYD, DOUG (Prince Douglas)
[1923 - 2007]

A pilot living who lived in Southern California, he was part of the Royal Court in the 1950s. As a guest on the 1988 Roger Steffans radio shows he delighted the assembled Buckleyheads, and the radio listeners, with his memories of His Lordship.


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BROWN, CAPTAIN (aka Captain Cool)

The Air Force officer that piloted the AT-33 jet fighter that after-burned Lord Buckley through the Gonesphere. Read about Captain Cool in Buckley Describes First Ride in a Jet! in the What The Printheads Laid Down section at this website.

L I N K S:

Read Buckley Describes First Ride in a Jet! at LBC

[1925 - 1966]

Seminal nightclub comedian, known for his social criticism and extradordinary imagination. Bruce claimed Buckley as one of his influences.

L I N K S:

Lenny Bruce photo and some prose

[85 BC- 42 BC]

Roman policitian/solider close friend of Ceasar both a historical figure and a figure of literature- even though he and Jules were buddy cats it didn't stop Brutus from adding his steel to the surprise sticker party they held for Ceaser. In Buckley's Marc Antony's Funeral Oration, Marc sarcastically proclaims: "Yet Brutus was a worthy stud."

L I N K S:

Read Marc Antony's Funeral Oration at LBC

[1937 - 2012]

Lord Buckley's eldest son. He studied acting with Sanford Meisner. Worked as producer, director and film editor on the Warner Brothers film Two Thousand Years, Producer along with Richmond Shepard of Lord Buckley's Finest Hour , starring John Sinclair. And, like his mother Paula Banks, Fred was a poet. Fred bore an uncanny resembalance to his father, had the same set of pipes and did a first rate impression of The Lord.

[1926 - 1996]

Dance innovator, she and Lord Buckley met during the run of The Passing Show. Creator of Ballet for Living a synthesis of Bebop and Ballanchine. She encouraged her husband to concentrate on the Hip Classics part of his act and the rest is swingin' history. Lady Buckley died Jan 17, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She and Lord Buckley had two children: Richard Jr. and Laurie.


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Only daughter of Lord and Lady Buckley. After a long time on the road with her parents, visiting the various and sundry entertainment capitols of the world, Laurie settled in for a long run in Las Vegas. While there she worked as a publicist, and editor, as well, as doing a stint as Bette Midler in a celebrity doubles type show. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she keeps tabs on her two children, Trevor and Micki, as well as Micki's son Steven.

[1906 - 1960]

His Royal Hipness, a most immaculately hip aristocrat, the Lord of Flip Manor, a professor of Beatnikism, the Wordman from Wordland, the hippest man who ever lived, His Flipness, His Strictly Trippiness, His Most Incredible Crypticness, the Reverend of Irreverence, the Paul Bunyan of Bravado, His Double-Hip Ebullientness, His Intractable Impracticalness, His Undoubtedly Way Outedliness, the Charlie Parker of Talk, the Fred Astaire of the Tongue Dance, the Guru of the Gone World, the Paganini of Prose, the Man with the Multiple Minds and the Magical Mouth, the Voice of the Viper from the Vortex, the Cardinal of Cool, the Vicar of Visionaries, the Bishop of Bebop, Beatness and Boo, the Loose-Lipped Lingo Lover, the Purple Pope of the Poetical Patois, Hipster Saint, a far out, wailin', a nonstop groovy gasser, a hemp-headed hipster , a picaresque pill-popping darling of Al Capone, a jazz philosopher, a gallivanting guru, a scotch-swigging shaman, the original viper, the Hall of Fame Hipster, the baddest beatnik, the first flower child, the premier rapper, the combination of Walt Whitman, Charlie Parker, Baudelaire and Laurence Olivier, a secret thing passed under the table, a philosophic humorist, hip-talk poet, cock-eyed historian, Royal Holiness of the Far Out, Prophet of the Hip, a hipster's hipster, the Hip Messiah, Royal Holiness of the Far Out, Prophet of the Hip, the baddest beatnik, the first flower child, the professor of Hipology, the only hip white cat in town, the purest, noblest, and most beautiful hipster, Reverend of Irreverence . . .


Son of Lord and Lady Buckley, lives in the Los Angeles area and works in the film and recording industries. Producer of Lord Buckley Live! a tape compliation of Buckley material issued by Shambala Productions. As a child Red Foxx babysat him and George Carlin introduced him to the Laugh-In crowd. In 2006 he performed in a one man show at The Steve Allen Theater called “Eaten alive in Hollywood” Improve and radio for The Greeseman Show

You can reach His Majesty via email at: lordbjr@aol.com

And please visit the Lord Buckley Jr. Trading Post at ebay.


Singer and songwriter, covered God's Own Drunk , on two of his album releases.


Buckley's name for the raven in his rendition of Edgar Allen's Poe's The Raven


Read Lord Buckley's The Raven at LBC


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