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news, events and announcements related to Lord Buckley in brief newspaper style articles,
includes all Riffs articles from 1998 to the present and an Obituary section

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  a compilation of obitiuaries gleaned from the Riffs articles

The Word
In the beginning there was The Word and that Word was a gas - here you will find all things semantically related to The Great Master

  a glossary of Lord Buckley's swingin' verbiage plucked from his routines and interviews
  a collection of articles from books, newspapers, magazines and the web
  transcripts of interviews about Lord Buckley plus Studs Terkel's 1958 interview with Lord Buckley and the infamous Police Interview of 1960
  transcriptions of Lord Buckley's recorded routines
  stories in the manner of The Lord.

The Lobes section lays out the Buckley oeuvre vinyl style. You can dig the various albums, discs, video etc., plus there are some hints to the tracking down additions to your own stash.

  information about Buckley recordings, includes vinyl, tape, DCs and DVDs
  places where one can look for Buckley recordings

Lord Buckley visuals including video of Lord Buckley and Buckley interpreters, a series of
images from the Latter Day Royal Court, and Buckley inspired artwork

  information about Buckley recordings, includes vinyl, tape, DCs and DVDs
  varioous images from the Latter Day Royal Court
  Buckley inspired works of art

Other Jazz
Other Jazz hosts an extensive Buckley's Who's Who titled "The Royal Court" and
recommended links to other websites

  a compendium of the real and imagined characters that inhabit the Buckleysphere
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