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Michael Monteleone is curator for LBC. He created the HIPesaurus, The Royal Court and many other sections of the site. He is a videographer and currently is working on a documentary film about Lord Buckley.

Roger The Marquis Mexico is the Riffs Section's first field correspondent. He reports primarily from Los Angeles but where he actually will file his stories from is anybody's guess. He is president of Atelier Lumiere De Couer, a multimedia company based in San Pedro, California. He is also the producer and coconspirator in the creation of the Lord Buckley documentary film, "Too Hip For The Room."

Walt Stempek is a record collector, the premier Lord Buckley discographer (see the Knock Me Your Lobes section) and author (read A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat in the Printheads section.)

Oliver Trager is Senior Editor at Editorials on File in New York City. He is also author of The American Book of The Dead, Dig Infinity! a biography of Lord Buckley, and Keys to the Rain a Bob Dylan encyclopedia. He is coauthor, at this site, of Knock Me Your Lobes, a Buckley discography, and his writing skills can be appreciated in the Printheads section by reading Stompin' the Sweet Swingin' Sphere.

Douglas Cruickshank is a journalist and editor at He has written about a number of subjects including Lord Buckley (read All Hail Lord Buckley! in the Printheads section and his interviews with Oscar Janiger and Jonathan Winters). He lives in Northern California.

CTSIMAGES - is a professional photographic research and placement service in the Los Angeles area. They specialize in jazz and blues photography. Their catalogue includes the Ray Avery Archives, the Roy Hart Jazz Archives, and many more.

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